June 28, 2017

There are more people on planet Earth than you (or me) and God. Sometimes we become so self-centered that we see those "other people", but they are not really that important to us - we have our own life to live and we must take care of "Good Ole Number One." Furthermore, if we aren't careful, we will judge those "other people" in a way that is based upon our having incomplete knowledge of them. When I was a boy, I often heard my family use the phrase "walk a mile in their shoes before juding them." Until we really attempt to get to know those "other people" and what is going on in their lives (often behind the scenes), we are not all that qualified to judge them. God deals with us in complete fairness and justice because He fully knows us. Perhaps we should attempt to get to know people more fully before judging them. How can we do that? Perhaps we ought to listen to them more carefully. Perhaps we ought to love them as Jesus Christ loves people. Luke 6:35 says God  “is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.” Even so should we! Remember, every person is a person that Jesus Christ died for.

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